About the Coalition for Ticket Fairness

We promote common sense reform in the live event ticketing industry.

At the Coalition for Ticket Fairness (CTF), we believe in a future where ticketing practices are equitable, transparent, and respectful of consumers. Established with a shared commitment to reshape the ticketing landscape, CTF brings together industry leaders, advocates, and enthusiasts to drive positive change.

Our Mission:

To champion fairness, transparency, and integrity in the ticketing industry.

What Drives Us:

We're dedicated to challenging outdated norms and paving the way for a ticketing industry that benefits everyone involved.

Join Us:

Whether you're an industry professional, a consumer advocate, or simply someone who believes in the power of fairness, you're invited to join the Coalition for Ticket Fairness. Together, we're writing a new chapter for ticketing – one that prioritizes transparency, empowers consumers, and fosters a community of positive change.
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